Last Day of 2007

Another day before the first day of 2008 and I had a few updates not done yet. Think maybe gotta delay. keke

Here's a few simple updates:

Finally we are feeling much better, and the men are down during the Christmas. As though answering my previous post. And thanks everyone for your concerns.

Amilie and Izaac got their bicycles for Christmas and they did receive a few other presents from relatives and friends.

Amilie is going to start her first lesson next week and she is really anticipating her school every day.

Izaac had finally stop using pacifier except when he woke up in the middle of the night crying.

I had just upgraded our WordPress and it seems that one of the plugin is not working. And it's affecting my pictures. Had still trying to fix it and haven't got any idea how to. Any help? 🙂

Well, before I end. Just want to wish everyone Happy New Year! (Think it's time to review my resolutions and write new resolutions too!)

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3 comments on “Last Day of 2007”

  1. Yet another blogger who has hopped over to wordpress. Use the word "upgraded" somemore. WordPress really better ah? Hmmm...

  2. Oh! We had hopped over WordPress long long ago. And I think its quite easy to use except when it comes to upgrading of the plugins.

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