Hi it's Amilie and I'm going to discuss about LEGO Ninjago

LEGO Ninjago

I've watched Ninjago when I was younger but stopped later on during my primary school days. I then watched Ninjago when I was 12, which was when I was primary 6 in the first semester. The reason I started watching Ninjago at that time was because I was scrolling through YouTube I saw Ninjago on the screen, so I thought why not just watch since there's nothing else to watch. So I started with season 1 episode and so on till season 6. Season 7 onward I started anticipating since there is going to be a new seasons(which is this year).

Wu’s Tea

So this year, at the start of the first term, i tried hiding my addiction towards Ninjago as I'm not sure if anyone will tease me for it( confidence level 5%). one day, I decided to try to put a drawn picture of Lloyd( my [most] favorite character) as my Whatsapp  profile picture. And guess what, people reacted to it and start talking to me.

Yay! OMG Ninjago helped boost my confidence( +20% confidence). Well technically people started asking me if I like Ninjago in school, during lessons, after school( technically i was chilling after school in the classroom for a while and then some guys came and asked me about Ninjago and then we had a discussion) and last but not least, at home( on Whatsapp). That's how I made many friends and got to know my classmates.

Brief description of Ninjago: Season 1 and 2 is about a group of ninjas reaching their full potential, defeating the serpentine and Lloyd trying to defeat his father and the overlord. Season 3 is about Robots, relationships, love triangle, Lloyd losing his golden powers to the overlord and main guy is Zane![ he sacrificed himself to save Ninjago which he died 🙁 ] Season 4 is about the Ninjas meeting new elemental masters, saving Zane and boost relation ties and as ell as new ones. Main one most probably is Kai. 😉 ( i like their suits) Season 5 is about a ghost who has possesed the green ninja and tried to take over Ninjago, realising that Nya is a water ninja and Cole turned into a ghost. The main should be Lloyd, Kai, Cole and Nya( i like the intro as its catchy) Season 6 is about wishes, sky pirates, JAYA, a jinn and relationship. JAYA!JAYA!JAYA! (main obviously) Season 7 is about time, time twins, truth and discoveries of secrets, Kai and Nya finding their parents ( and probably about Nya and Jay' relationship[ well kai just had to ddestroy the moment]). The main is the duo KAI & NYA! and then i'll discuss about season 8, 9 and 10 next time.

I like how they sing 
This one is nicest though( they look so cute .w.) ( they sound similar to the original voice actors for both Jay and Cole, Nya's voice is angelic)
Season 4 suits are the best. ( look at little Lloyd[so cuuuuuuuuute]) i like season 4 and 5 and 7's intro. JAYA (ship name for Jay and Nya). i like the day of the departed

Well you're dealing with a Master
My fists are faster
I use Kung Fu to avoid disaster
There's nothin' you can do that's gonna block my punch
I'ma finish this fight by lunch
(With our main man Lloyd)
That's me. The city destroyed? (No!)
I see a shark and it's Ninjago
Punch, kick, gimme nunchucks quick
Just me and my clique and our mechs look sick
(Well, okay) okay, okay
It took a little time to forgive you dad
(Well, okay) okay, okay
You know we owe it all to a giant catThe legend of the ninja lives well it's just too bad that his dad is
(Garmadon) Yeah he's evil but he loves his kids, ya he's so savage
(Cole) Cole got a little bit of sarcasm in him but he keep the record spinning
(Nya) Nya's keeping everybody else in check 'cause she does it with a water strider neck
(Koko) Big shouts to the mama that can mane it on her own, with a legendary son at home
(Jay) Jay got his head up in the clouds while he's flying through the sky
(Kai) Well the guy's got a lotta energy and he's burning up his enemies fire mech
(Zane) Insane he's bringing the pain ya there's ice in his veins
(And Master Wu) We loved that dude
(Come on)
Punch right, kick to the side
Well lemme see you do the ninja slide
Drop the boom
Dance of doom
Now we lightin' the whole room
Punch right, kick to the side
Well lemme see you do the ninja slide

That's all for my addiction to Ninjago.

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