Ever since Izaac's knock on the head, we had decided to buy the safety corner cushions to prevent another accident from happening again. Especially for Athina as she had just started to learn to walk. It’s easy to lose her balance as she is walking unsteadily. Another thing is that the design of our place is not very child-proofed. There are quite a few of sharp corners and all are at the knee level, which would be a “dangerous” spot for the little Athina.

Papa Tang bought some safety cover cushions protectors for the sharp corners. The safety cover cushions are actually quite easy to use. All we need to do is use the double-sided adhesive tape and paste the cushions at the sharp corners.
[singlepic id=2074 w=320 h=240 float=center]

After pasting the cushions, Athina is curious about it and tries to pull the cushion a few times and soon the double-sided tape lose its stickiness. Although Athina did not knock onto the sharp corner, the others in the family knocked into the corner instead. I think the best way is to use glue to stick it. Or another way is to screw into it.

Athina had very bad skin condition on her cheeks. We brought her to a lot of doctors and tried means and ways to cure her rashes. Every time when her skin condition get better, it got worse again. Here's how bad her condition are.

[singlepic id=1701 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Finally I searched online and get to know that there is a kids clinic nearby and the doctors are good so I decided to bring Athina to let the doctor see.

We waited for hours before it was our turn but I think it was all worth it. According to the doctor, Athina had eczema. And to prevent the rashes from developing, the best way is to keep applying moisturizing cream. The doctor recommended the Ezerra cream for Athina to apply. Till now, Athina's cheeks got better already. Thanks to the doctor's recommendation of the Ezerra cream.

I am still applying the Ezerra cream every time after bath and Athina had slowly grown accustomed to it and does not resist the applying of cream as the first time.

Here's one that with Athina's soft face.
[singlepic id=2043 w=320 h=240 float=center]

For mummies who are worried about your babies rashes, try buying Ezerra cream to give it a try.

32 weeks pregnant now, we have started to prepare for things in welcoming the new baby. So in preparation for the new baby, I had created for myself a checklist. In case we missed out on any items.

For Sleep:
Baby Crib & Mattress – Using back the crib that the kids used the other time. Bought new crib form mattress with ventilation recently.
Mattress Sheet Cover – Bought 2 extra covers apart from the sheets.
Pillow & Bolster (Optional) – 1 small pillow & 2 bolsters in a set
Casing for Pillow & Bolster – Bought matching cases as the mattress sheet cover
Blanket/Comforter – We still had the blankets that the kids used when they were just a baby. We bought a new comforter that match with the new pillow case.

I had to buy some new sets of clothes for the baby as I had passed all the clothes to relatives or friends. As baby grows very fast, I prefer Hand-Me-Down clothes. However, I wasn’t able to find who is able to pass down their baby clothes this time. Anyone got any good condition Hand-Me-Down clothes? keke
Pajamas – Bought 2 piece set as I think it’s easier to change out of
Short sleeves shirt – A few shirt to be worn during the day. Prefer button shirt as it’s easier to change out when the baby is lying down.
Shorts – Bought a few but think the frequency of wear short is few as baby will be using cloth diapers.
Booties & Mittens – Bought a lot of mittens base on past 2 experiences as the babies tend to suck their hand.

Cloth Diapers – The cloth diapers will be used during the day time at home
Disposable Diapers – The disposable diaper will be used during the night and also when going out.
Diaper Liner – For the use of cloth diapers and easier to wash the cloth diapers if the baby poo.
Wet Wipes – Will be ordering a few cartons from Cheong Choon as it will be cheaper.

Bath & Face Towels – We haven’t bought the towels yet. Think have to get the towels some day.
Shampoo & Bath – Will be using the same shampoo and bath as the kids.

Bottles – 1 for milk another small 1 for the water.

Baby Gear
Pram – Still using back the pram which the kids used as it was still in good condition
Car Seat – We had a baby carrier which can be used as a car seat for the baby which we bought when Amilie was a baby.

Well, I think that’s all the items I need for the baby. Hope I did not miss out any!

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