Papa Tang

41 years old male currently running his own portfolio of websites and web agency providing digital marketing services to local businesses in Singapore. Hobbies include reading, movies, dramas, soccer and computer games, although I am limiting my time nowadays for such leisure activities except for reading. I'm interested in meeting people who are genuine, sincere and have a good sense of humour.

Mama Tang

36 year old female currently working in an administrative environment and very involve in the running of the household and the caring of our children. Love reading, movies, dramas and gossiping. Except for the last part, we have very similar taste in almost everything, now you can understand the reason she is smitten with me I am smitten with her! 🙂

Amilie Tang

12 years old, coming 13 and looking forward to a new life in secondary school. Just finished her PSLE and gotten her results recently. She is still very shy, albeit getting better. Seemed to lose all her baby fats. Even though she can still eat a lot, she doesn't seem to be able to pile on the weight which is always a good thing. She's very creative and into arts and drawing. She has won some prizes and competitions in school for her drawings and other art submission. Takes a very laid back approach to everything in life which is something we are trying to get her to correct. Hopefully, she gets the message.

As a 2 year old toddler, she had this irritating habit of following your speech and actions to the last. Likes to pose in front of the camera like a veteran. Character wise, very careful when face with new stuff, very stubborn (like both parents) and really know how to dispell your anger by cuddling up to you in a very coy manner. Can easily mix with the adults, like to taste all kinds of food and drink (hope she don't grow up to my size)!

Izaac Tang

11 years old who is extremely  boisterous and loud at home or with us, but mild in school and elsewhere. Big fan of soccer, most likely due to my influence. The most sporty person in the household, he is not afraid to try new things. At one stage, he was taking part in a lot of activities which we have to stop as he seemed exhausted all the time. As his metabolism rate is very high, he is underweight even though he eats a lot. As he grows older, he sort of lose the angmoish look in the past.

As a 6 month old baby, he had gigantic eyes and a huge head when first arrived into this world! Big lovely eyes couple with an easy smile and angmoish (Caucasian) look will readily melt people's heart. Cry easily and readily all the time when he requires attention as compared to her sister. Very stubborn too, and when he wants something, he will go all out for it to the chagrin of everyone.

Athina Tang

The youngest in the family at 8 years of age. She's the one with the sugar coated mouth and knows how to sweet talk to you. Not sure whether she did it intentionally, but she always gets what she wants, especially with me. Though here mum is almost immune to it. She's also into arts and other creative stuff, just like her elder sister. Don't sure where the girls get their creative juices from, as both my wife and I are not the creative types.

When younger, she had a lot of similar attributes like her older siblings. Nowadays, as she mixes a lot with her older brother, she starts behaving more like a tomboy. She knows how to mix around with others and always take initiative when meeting new friends, especially young children. Adults may need a bit of time to get her to warm up to you. My little darling though she recently acquire this irritating habit of whining at every opportunity. Got some stern lectures from me regarding this.

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*Last updated 11th December 2017.

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