Hi people! I'm bored. I'm literately bored right now, distracted by YouTube. I'm going to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets later. Yay! Bored... I should plan my day... Hmmm... One don't pick up the phone... Maybe invite you guys over to play block catching? Because, Since you been goneI've been dancing on […]

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Hello guys it's Halloween and today I woke up at 530am to do something... which... didn't work... again. 🙁 Well I woke up with face crayons to do ridiculous stuff... Again... It didn't work :((((((((((((((( Bad pictureIt made me look like a depressed zombie Bye! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Hi it's Amilie and I'm going to discuss about LEGO Ninjago LEGO Ninjago I've watched Ninjago when I was younger but stopped later on during my primary school days. I then watched Ninjago when I was 12, which was when I was primary 6 in the first semester. The reason I started watching Ninjago at […]

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My holiday plans

Has anyone started with planning their holiday wisely? Well truth to be told, I haven't. I now what I want to do but... Haven't totally planned it out yet. During the holidays, other than going on holiday in Malaysia (first time to Malaysia though). I would also like to continue with making animations or my […]

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My first pun-derful post

Hi I'm Amilie and this is my first punderful post on my own. Hope y'all like this. Just a quick introduction:  I'm punny, bubbly, purrific, noisy, shy and quiet.  I love food, tea, LEGO Ninjago, Harry Potter, listening to music, watching TV and movies, hanging out with friends and family, being childish and last but […]

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Horizon Bistronomy @ Punggol Settlement

Last year, we were lucky that my friend gave me 1 voucher at Horizon Bistronomy. Since the date of our anniversary is within the validity period, we decided to had our dinner there for our anniversary. We called up to make a reservation for the dinner and also looked up for any reviews and recommendations […]

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Staycation 2015 @ Downtown East D'Resort

December 2015, we had a short staycation @ Downtown East D'Resort. We had actually booked the resort for the purpose of birthday celebration in August for Athina's birthday. However, when we realised that as the theme rooms are meant to be similar to be having like hotel concept, we could not have catering or BBQ […]

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Izaac's Birthday 2013 to 2015

Posted Amilie's birthday photos up, so today I will be posting Izaac's birthday pictures and videos. While searching the photos, I didn't managed to find 2016. Therefore, I had no choice but to post till 2015 instead of 2016. It's a tradition in our home that the children got a birthday cake and we will […]

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Amilie's Birthday 2013 to 2016

As we have not been updating for very long, a lot of birthday celebrations were missed out. I had a hard time finding all the photos as the pictures are scattered everywhere. Luckily I managed to find all the pictures. The top picture is the latest picture. As the children grow older, I kept forgetting […]

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Siblings Squabbles

As the age gap between the 3 kiddos are not very far apart, the children are very close to one another. They even knew their friends in school. They do share secrets and talked a lot about school. They will play together. It's nice to see them playing closely together. When outside, the elder 2 […]

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