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Horizon Bistronomy @ Punggol Settlement

Last year, we were lucky that my friend gave me 1 voucher at Horizon Bistronomy. Since the date of our anniversary is within the validity period, we decided to had our dinner there for our anniversary…
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Izaac’s Birthday 2013 to 2015

Posted Amilie’s birthday photos up, so today I will be posting Izaac’s birthday pictures and videos. While searching the photos, I didn’t managed to find 2016. Therefore, I had no ch…
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Amilie’s Birthday 2013 to 2016

As we have not been updating for very long, a lot of birthday celebrations were missed out. I had a hard time finding all the photos as the pictures are scattered everywhere. Luckily I managed to find…
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Siblings Squabbles

As the age gap between the 3 kiddos are not very far apart, the children are very close to one another. They even knew their friends in school. They do share secrets and talked a lot about school. The…
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Handmade Cards

From the time the children started preschool, the teachers had been teaching the children to make cards or crafts for occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. When they reach home, the…
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Amilie’s Artwork

Although the children is drawing lesser at home, they got to draw in school during their arts lesson. The art lessons are much different as compared to what I had during my Primary school times. The c…
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Kids Painting At Home

Found pictures of them doing painting on National Day few years back and decided to write something about it. When the kids were at very young age, I like to engage them in Art & Craft. Using art …
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Starting To Post Again

Time passes by so fast and unknowingly, it had been 2 years plus since the last post. Realising that we had been neglecting our website for a long time, I decided to start posting again. Papa Tang hel…
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Suprette @ Jalan Besar

Saturday Breakfast @ Suprette

Ever since the kids started going to school and joined other activities. We have not really explore or talked about food. This morning,  as Izaac is having some activities @ Jalan Besar Stadium. We d…
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Amilie's Art Piece

Amilie’s Art Piece

Today,  Amilie got to perform in school with her classmates. Parents were invited to watch their performance. When the performance comes to the end, the teacher told us that we can take a look of the…
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Christmas Tree 2013

Finally the Christmas tree is up. The kids were excited and this year Amilie prepared some paper cuttings and drawings as decoration. This year’s star was put up by Izaac as last year was by Ami…
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