Staycation 2015 @ Downtown East D'Resort

December 2015, we had a short staycation @ Downtown East D'Resort. We had actually booked the resort for the purpose of birthday celebration in August for Athina's birthday. However, when we realised that as the theme rooms are meant to be similar to be having like hotel concept, we could not have catering or BBQ at the resort. We decided to postpone the stay to December instead.

When we saw the advertisement on the D’Resort Rainforest Family rooms, we thought the resort will be interesting for the children. There were three different theme designed family rooms: Rainforest, Underwater and M&Ms. We were given the Rainforest room and the children loved the bright design and pictures on the wall.

The room was spacious for us. The bunk bed was the first thing they climbed onto. See how happy they were on the cozy bed. The girls shared the bed while Izaac slept alone on top.

staycation 2015 1

On the table, there is also a treasure chest for the little children. The children had to search and count the number of animals as stated on the hints to unlock the treasure chest. You can imagine them going around the resort room to search and count the animals. When the treasure chest opened, they found 2 toothbrush sets and 2 soft toys. The children very fast came to terms on who will be taking which items.

staycation 2015 2

The room also had complimentary coffee and tea for the guests. You can enjoy a cup of coffee using Nestle Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

staycation 2015 13

From our window, we can see a good clear view outside. In the morning or evening, we can see birds flying outside. It is a very relaxing vacation.

staycation 2015 4

There were some children's activities at the resort and at Downtown East as well. The big sisters and brothers at the games section were friendly and made sure every children got to take back some souvenirs too. The 3 children also won some small prizes too.

staycation 2015 3

During our stay at the D'Resort, we were also given 4 complimentary tickets to the Wild Wild Wet throughout the stay. Meaning, we can enter the Wild Wild Wet on all 3 days of our stay. We didn't go on all days but we did spend 1 whole morning there. The weather was hot and the cool water games sure was welcoming and enjoying.

staycation 2015 5

staycation 2015 8

They got on the tubes and went with the flow of the Shiok River which surround the perimeter of the whole Wild Wild Wet.staycation 2015 6

They also tried the Ular-Lah, where they sat in the raft and slide down the big blue slides. They were shouting happily when they slid down.

staycation 2015 12 staycation 2015 7

They couldn't get enough of the slides of the professor's playground.  staycation 2015 9

staycation 2015 10

Going around again of the river and lazing on the tubes that just nice for the 3 kids. Sure looked fun and relaxing just lazing in the water under the hot morning sun.

staycation 2015 11

After our lunch, we got on the free buggy ride back to D'Resort from Downtown East. Although it's within walking distance, it's still tiring to walk back especially after the energy spent at Wild Wild Wet. Here's a short clip while on the way back to D'Resort.

By the end of the staycation, the children were relunctant to go back home. They had an enjoyable holiday at D'Resort, where they got to sleep in bunk beds, received gifts and of course played the rides at Wild Wild Wet!

staycation 2015 14

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