Siblings Squabbles

As the age gap between the 3 kiddos are not very far apart, the children are very close to one another. They even knew their friends in school. They do share secrets and talked a lot about school. They will play together. It's nice to see them playing closely together. When outside, the elder 2 will help to take care and look after the youngest one. I do envy them to have such close bond as siblings.

Well, all children squabbles, the 3 kiddos are no exception. They squabbles a lot too. Most of the times over small matters like sitting a chair to fighting over a show. Every one think they are right and then normally the losing party to will find someone to "bring justice". Sometimes, we would just punish all of them as they are supposed to be siblings and they should learn to share. Even though, we knew they heard it so many times, we couldn't help ourselves but to repeat it every time the squabbles started.

After the initial squabbling, they will start ignoring each other. Sometimes, they will paste on the door to not let the other person in.


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