Staycation 2015 @ Downtown East D'Resort

December 2015, we had a short staycation @ Downtown East D'Resort. We had actually booked the resort for the purpose of birthday celebration in August for Athina's birthday. However, when we realised that as the theme rooms are meant to be similar to be having like hotel concept, we could not have catering or BBQ at the resort. We decided to postpone the stay to December instead.

When we saw the advertisement on the D’Resort Rainforest Family rooms, we thought the resort will be interesting for the children. There were three different theme designed family rooms: Rainforest, Underwater and M&Ms. We were given the Rainforest room and the children loved the bright design and pictures on the wall.

The room was spacious for us. The bunk bed was the first thing they climbed onto. See how happy they were on the cozy bed. The girls shared the bed while Izaac slept alone on top.


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