December 2015, we had a short staycation @ Downtown East D'Resort. We had actually booked the resort for the purpose of birthday celebration in August for Athina's birthday. However, when we realised that as the theme rooms are meant to be similar to be having like hotel concept, we could not have catering or BBQ at the resort. We decided to postpone the stay to December instead.

When we saw the advertisement on the D’Resort Rainforest Family rooms, we thought the resort will be interesting for the children. There were three different theme designed family rooms: Rainforest, Underwater and M&Ms. We were given the Rainforest room and the children loved the bright design and pictures on the wall.

The room was spacious for us. The bunk bed was the first thing they climbed onto. See how happy they were on the cozy bed. The girls shared the bed while Izaac slept alone on top.


We had noticed a lot of people flying kites ever since we moved to our new place. The kids as always, were curious about kite flying and they had even persuaded their great auntie to buy the kites for them.

Finally, one sunny Sunday, we brought the kids to a nearby field to experience kite flying. Papa Tang chose a hot mid-day to fly kite and it was extremely hot.
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Papa Tang helped the kids to fly up kite and passed them the string.
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It's our once a year trip to the Singapore Zoo again!! We brought the kids to the Zoo yesterday. The kids were excited and kept asking what time they are going to the Zoo. It's also Athina first visit to the Zoo.
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This year’s birthday celebration was a quiet one for me. As I was not really physically energetic to walk about, we decided to go out awhile. The only thing that I wanted to do for this year’s birthday was to take neoprints together. Loved taking neoprints as I think it’s one way of keeping memories on special occasions.

Early in the morning, we brought the kids to pray at the temple, after the praying, we went to Bugis to take the neoprints. That’s the only place we knew that had neoprints machines. We took 2 sets of neoprints and had fun posing at the machines.

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I was really excited when I received an email telling me that Izaac had been selected as one of the contestants for the Motherhood Exhibition’s Little Prince Charming 2nd Semi-Final. I had actually mailed out the kids' photos only few days before the closing date. Too bad Amilie didn’t get selected for the contest. Here are the pictures that I mailed out for the contests.
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However, when I read further, I realized that there is an Interview and Q&A session. I was thinking that Izaac was so shy that I think he would not be able to answer any questions. Nevertheless, I still let him participate in the contest to let him have some “experience”.

As it was the first time that I had signed the kids up for any contest, I didn’t know what to expect of the contest so I didn’t prepare Izaac on anything.

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The first time that the kids went to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, they didn’t get to explore the whole place as it was almost closing time when we reached there. Think the kids didn’t have much memories of the place.

This year’s Valentine, we decided to have a simple morning family outing. As I was easily tired, we decided to go to Jacob Children’s Garden to let the kids enjoy. I didn’t expect the place was quite big, the other time; we didn’t walk through the Garden.

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It's almost a once a year thing for us to visit the Singapore Zoological Garden. This year, we decided to go earlier this January as a belated birthday celebration for Amilie.

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As usual, we always had our meal at the KFC near the entrance of the Zoo before embarking our tour in the Zoo with the kids. The kids took some pictures in the restaurant while waiting for Papa Tang who’s queuing up for the food.

As it was a long weekend, daddy decided to bring the kids to Changi Beach to enjoy some fun under the sun. To play with the sand and to swim in the sea.

The kids were excited about going to the beach and they were singing in the car on the way to the beach. Here's a small video clip of them singing:

Last weekend, we brought the kids to Chinese Garden to see the lantern. Actually, we wanted to bring the kids to see the lantern the previous weekend, Mid-Autumn Festival, but both the kids fell sick that week.
Since they are getting better, we decided to bring them to see the lanterns last Saturday. The kids were all excited that morning as they knew that they would be going out in the evening.
We went out after the kids woke up from their afternoon nap. Had our dinner near to Chinese Garden before we went to see the lanterns.

The moment we know that Barney is coming to Singapore, I had been keeping a lookout for the sale of tickets from my company so that I could bring the kids to watch their favourite character.

When the kids saw the poster at Suntec City, they were excited. Here's picture of the kids taking picture with the poster. They were quite distracted though. 🙂


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