Ever since moving to our new place, we had steamboat almost every month. No matter what kind of festival it might be. For mother's day this year, we also decided to celebrate it at home.

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The kids also gave me their little crafts that the school taught them to make for the mother's day in school.
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Last but not least, the kids telling me that they are my precious darlings.
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We celebrated hubby's grandma birthday in February this year. Since it was a weekend, we brought the whole family for dinner at Kovan. After dinner, we bought a small cake and went back for celebration.
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This year Chinese New Year was special. It's the first time that we visited my cousins which we hadn't met for long time. We arranged to meet at one of my cousin's place for the family gathering. It's the first time the kids saw my relatives also. The kids had fun playing with the aunties and uncles. keke

Here's some of the pictures taken that day.

Amilie and Izaac got a chance to be flower boy and flower girl for the first time when BIL got married last year.

It's also the first time that the kids attended a wedding. Here are some of the snapshots of them witnessing their uncle get married.
The kids waking up early all ready waiting for the couple to arrive for the tea ceremony.
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After the tea ceremony, we went to visit the newly wedded couple's house. And the kids got to jumped on the bed and not getting a scolding. keke

This evening, we had a dinner with my paternal family @ a coffee-shop at Ghim Moh. Great-grandma & great-uncles were there. Papa & Mummy came late & we started the dinner without them first cos we are hungry. The aunties & uncles ordered a lot of dishes.

By the time Papa & Mummy came, we had almost finished our dinner. Then the uncles ordered some more dishes. Guess papa had a hard time finish all the dishes. 😛 (He doesn't like to waste food). Hmm... as they were eating their dinner, I was wondering why is it so special to have this dinner. Then I found out from mummy that it is supposed to be a reunion dinner with great-grandma. Our reunion with shu-shus would be on another day. Our official traditional dinner would be on Saturday which is the Chinese New Year's Eve! So busy! So many dinners to attend! Amilie busy! 🙂

While Papa was trying to finish the food, Mummy brought me to the playground to play for a short while. So happy! After a while, mummy's phone rang & we went back to the coffee shop. Hmm... everyone was taking a new pair of chopsticks & standing up....
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Then, everyone started to 'attack' a plate of dish (known as Yu Sheng) & throwing the food up in the air shouting some auspicious phrases... Heard alot of winning lottery... Haha! Seems fun...next time I also want to play!

This afternoon, we went photo taking with my paternal family members. Went to the same studio (Overheard that the studio is called Swanlake Studio) as the other time we took for our family portrait. While waiting for the other aunties & uncles to arrive, we took a portrait with my grandma & shu shus.

After waiting for about 1 hr+ (Finally!), every members in the family finally arrived. We took pictures. Mummy kept telling to smile. Well, I was tired you know!? How am I suppose to smile when I should be asleep at this hour? The jiejie there kept taking the toy to attract DiDi's attention. Guess I am not the only one who is distracted huh? Finally, all pictures were taken. Now, I can only wait patiently for the photos to be out before uploading up.

Daddy, when are you going to take the photos? I wanna show my friends how pretty I am. 😛

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