After 2 years moving to our house, finally we bought the Christmas tree (Fake Christmas tree though)! The kids also had their share in helping to fix the tree up, though it seems like they are just playing around rather than help. 😛


An initial simple decorations for the tree is up. Amilie got to be the one to put the star.



Happy CNY to all!! It's 1.30am in the morning.  We are dressed for the prayers. Little girl couldn't get her awake though..

[singlepic id=2053 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Mid Autumn just past by and this is how we celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival this year. Every year we would go to the Chinese Garden to see lanterns. However, this year the distance is too far and we decided to give it a miss.

We brought the kids down to the playground to have a feel of walking around with the lantern. A lot of parents also brought their kids down to the playground to play.

Izaac got to hold the lantern for awhile. (more…)

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