Love Guaranteed

Length: 20 Episodes
Genre: Comedy

Main Cast:
Sunny Chan as Ken
Melissa Ng as Hazel
Paul Chun as Smart
Kenneth Ma as Tim
Cherie Kong as Maggie
Shek Sau as King Sir
Rain Lau as Renee
Cheung Chi Kwong as Gu Cheong Dok
Chan Man Na as Hor Kin Chiu
Angela Tong as Siu Wan

Synopsis (Spoiler Warning)
Ken (Sunny Chan) works as an insurance manager in a large insurance company. He's a very tactful and amicable person with the gift of the glib. One day, in order to cover up for his good friend River, he gets into a argument with River's girlfriend Hazel (Melissa Ng). As a result, both develop animosity for one another.

After breaking up with River, Hazel is headhunt by Ken's boss King (Shek Sau) to work in the insurance company. Due to the initial differences and their different style of working, their dislikes for one another intensify.

While braining for new ideas to rejuvenate and boost the company sales, both Ken and Hazel come up with the idea of a love policy "Love Guaranteed". Both try to claim credit for it, but King resolve the issue by suggesting to them to cooperate and market them as the official spokesmen for the new policy. Left with no choice, Ken cooperates with Hazel and pretends to be in a relationship with her. However due to their different personality and working styles, in the end they give up pretending.

By then, both Hazel and Ken that they have fallen in love with each other and the two finally becomes a real couple. Soon after, Ken proposes to Hazel and the two happily prepares for their marriage but in reality things are not going well for them.

Expecting to a promotion to the position of a branch manager, Ken happily prepares for their marriage but instead Hazel is promote and suddenly from being equals, Ken become the subordinate of Hazel. Ken feels he is letdown by King and the company and he even contemplates working in a different insurance company. In the meantime, Ken discovers that Hazel is having second thoughts about getting married. Ken feels hurt and on the day of the wedding, suggests to Hazel to call off the wedding.

Then, Smart Kor discover that he has cancer and things get more serious and emotional as Smart Kor try to patch Ken and Hazel back together while in the meantime hiding his illness from them.

Fast forward two years later, Smart Kor is cure of his cancer and things are going well for him as he relates stories to his grandchild.

The good

Sunny Chan
He once again shows that he has great comic timing and he's suit to play such comedic roles. He shows very good chemistry with Melissa.

Meliisa Ng
She does slowly grows on you, don't like some of her earlier roles but she has improve a lot. Definitely want to see her more in the future. Show she has the ability to take on comedic roles and simply love the way she portray career-minded Hazel with hints of vulnerability is good.

Keneneth Ma
He has good comic timing and really loves the way he portrays his lazy bum character.

Cherie Kong
Love the way Cherie goes all out to snare Kenneth initially.

The bad

Lawyer Lawyer
Well, to some the scene which shows Ken, Tim and his father inside his sister's office is real funny. But for me, I don't quite understand the rational behind it. Yes, Renee is a money hungry power grabbing lawyer in the drama, but hey they are her own family! It brings a lot of bad publicity for those in the same profession.

The Ugly

Dai Bo the German Shepard
I don't quite like it when Dai Bo has to die of old age; this is supposed to be a comedy. Come on, can't the scriptwriters think of something better?

Cast chemistry

Sunny and Melissa
They really know fire up the screen with their chemistry! Love the way they turn from bickering couple to lovers. However after they turned couple, the series sort of slow down and things turn more serious. Still a great show though! Hope to see more of them together in other dramas.

Kenneth and Cherie
Good chemistry and I believe this is the first time they are pair up together. Love the way Cherie goes all out to snare Kenneth initially.

Favorite scenes

Praying At the Temple
The opening scene where the whole gang of insurance guys gathers to pray; nearly thought I was watching a triad show and then one of them whips out his name card. Just look at how stunt the guy look. And then follow by the next scene when Ken's handphone rings.

You Strum Some More, I'll Cut Your String
River is trying to reconcile with Hazel with the help of Ken who arrange for Hazel and River to meet to up in a house. River than proceed to play the guitar and sing to show his sincerity. You have to really watch this; river is so corny and stupid-looking in that scene. Worst to follow for him, just when he think that Hazel is going to forgive him, she reach into her handbag to take out a nail clipper to cut his guitar's string and then proceed to give him a kick. Hilarious!

Camping Trip
When Ken and Hazel are force to partner together in a camping cum team fostering trip, they end up spending the night alone in the same tent, not by consent but force by circumstances. The very next morning, they are discovered by their colleagues to have slept together and everyone is looking so knowingly at Hazel and Ken.

The Following Day Back At the Office
The next day when everyone is at the office, Ken and Hazel are trying to explain to the rest of their colleagues that things may not be what they have seen. But the problem is that the more they try to explain and deny, other people get more mistaken.

Worth watching
One of the funniest dramas that I have seen this year, without a doubt this is a drama you won't want to miss. A well-scripted drama with lots of funny scenes and memorable performances from the supporting cast.

Overall Rating

Rating Legends

* Don't waste your time!

** Only watch it if you really need to kill off your time!

*** You may want to give it a try!

**** Don't miss it!

***** Definitely going to watch it again and again!

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