Few months back, we had a mini gathering at one of my friend's house. It's a small gathering and also a celebration for both of the friends' birthday.

It seems that not many pictures were taken on that day. Here's a group photo of the gathering for that day.
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We tried to have a game of mahjong for that day but couldn't succeed due to the little kids. And in the end, Amilie took a picture. (more…)

In May, the kids got a chance to participate in their school's opening ceremony. As their school only started in July last year, so they had a chance to attend the school's opening ceremony. It's also a good time for us to see how the kids actually got along in the new school.

Their artwork are also displayed for us to see.
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It's our once a year trip to the Singapore Zoo again!! We brought the kids to the Zoo yesterday. The kids were excited and kept asking what time they are going to the Zoo. It's also Athina first visit to the Zoo.
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Last year, the PAP that Amilie attended organized a trip to the Alexandra Fire Station for the kids. Not only Amilie got a chance to go to the Fire Station, Izaac is able to join the trip too. We brought the kids and meet them there.

Since Amilie's class had not arrived yet, we decided to join the other class for the tour while we wait for her classmates to arrive. They got the fireman hat make of plastic. And also got raincoat so as to keep their cloth
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Xiumin & Yong Lian Birthday Celebration 2009

We gathered at my friend’s house for a belated birthday celebration of 2 of my friends, Xiumin & Yong Lian. Brought the kids along and of course the kids were happy about it. As Yong Lian had just given birth to Shannon not long ago and it was the first time the kids saw the Shannon.

[singlepic id=1552 w=320 h=240 float=center]
They were happy to ‘play’ with Shannon and even took a picture with her with her daddy’s help on letting her sit on both of the kids lap.

Its been so long since I attended another Poly Class Gathering. It's really fun to meet up with them for some catching up after so long. This time's gathering was organised by Bryant, who just had a chubby baby girl.

We met at Vivocity, Hei Se Hui or Bosses for dinner. The atmosphere was not bad, dimly lit and as we were given a seat with a nice view. The table was just right for about 10+ people but if more than that, don't think it will be enough.

Here's the whole group of people who were at the restaurant.
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtonQwULvyE[/youtube] (more…)

Few weeks back, Amilie and Izaac got to attend BIL’s ROM held at Amara Hotel. We waited at the lobby before going up to the swimming pool area and both the kids took a picture with the statue at the lobby.


It's a very backdated post. It was lucky that I did not have to go to work that Sunday and we are able to go to the Singapore Zoo for the family day held by my company.

I managed to get extra tickets that day and I brought along my MIL and GMIL. The most happiest were both the little kids. This is the first year that Izaac visit the Zoo. Amilie had been going to the Zoo since she was a few months old.

Sujiah was our domestic helper and she had came to work at our place for 2 years. As she had to go back to her hometown to take care of her mum, she won't be renewing her contract with us.
When the contract ended, work permit cancelled and the air ticket was bought, it was time to send her off.
We brought the kids along to send off her so that they knew that she would be returning back to her home in Indonesia.
As we had not had our breakfast, we decided to have a quick breakfast at Burger King.

We were lucky to get a cheaper rate to board on Singapore Flyer on the first Mother's Day since it was opened.

The place was not very crowded but we still need to queue to board up the wheel. The kids were not bored though while waiting for our turn. (more…)

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