The other day, I was chatting with my hubby when we came to the topic of going overseas for a short holiday together with our kids. It has been quite some time since we go for a holiday together. The best part is we are going as a family for the first time. Although nothing is conclusive yet, I start surfing around to look around for tips when bringing kids along for holiday.

I came across this site which has quite a bit of information on baby safety when travelling. Besides baby travel safety information, the site also allows you to search for information on hotels, airlines as well as car rental services. I find the search feature useful for finding great deals.

Besides being an information site, you can browse and buy a variety of baby related products such as toys from Melissa Doug, baby carriers, travel gear, travel toys, stroller gear as well as baby banz sunglasses and more. The site really carries a wide range of baby safety products which will appeal to a lot of parents and especially to mums and mums to be. The prices are generally inexpensive and sometimes you can get a good bargain.

Another nice feature that I like is the various tips on infant, crawler, walker and multiple travel tips to ensure a safe trip for your loved ones. While some of the tips may not be applicable to us, I find the information generally useful and great help to those who are planning to go on a trip with their loved ones.

This is definitely a site I will bookmark and come back in the future if our travel plan can be realised. In the meantime, if you have any interesting sites on baby or children related stuff to recommend, feel free to drop me an email.

Hello, Handsome korkors & Pretty Jiejies, here's a gentle reminder. 😛 I would be 1 year old on 14th of June. And if you happen to be daddy's or mummy's friends and you happen not sure what to get for me, here's something which I would much much loved to have as my birthday presents from
! 🙂

It's a personalized story book with my own name on it!!! Isn't it cool??! Imagine I have a book about my own name, with animals spelling my name with me! That's really interesting, isn't it?

Personalized Children's Books. Click here!

Well, I would be happy if I received a gift set with the Letter I on the T-shirt and My very own name book but I would be happier if my sis also gets one of her choice. 🙂 My sis would like to have a My Very Own Fairy Tale Personalized Storybook

So, if you really happen to be a pretty jiejie or handsome korkor or if you happen to be friends of my family or if you just want to give this charming boy (that's me!) a birthday present. Please Click here to order "My Very Own Name", a personalized children's book
for me! Oh! By the way, My name's Izaac. 🙂

Hehe... This is just to remind myself of the telephone number of this store where I order my Pigeon Baby Wipes & when the order came so I know how long the Baby Wipes finish.

Cheong Choon Store
34 Up Cross St #03-132 Singapore 058340
Tel : 6532-3855

This is the 2nd time I ordered from them. Totally forgotten that I had to ordered 2 boxes for home delivery (Free).

Total No. of Baby Wipes: 48 packets
Total Cost: $136
Cost of 1 bag: $8.50

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