October 28, 2018

My first pun-derful post

Hi I’m Amilie and this is my first punderful post on my own. Hope y’all like this.

Just a quick introduction: 

I’m punny, bubbly, purrific, noisy, shy and quiet. 

I love food, tea, LEGO Ninjago, Harry Potter, listening to music, watching TV and movies, hanging out with friends and family, being childish and last but not least, being a purrific pun princess(?)!

My weird purrfect life:

 I’m in secondary school, and my holidays have already started (yay ( note a little sarcasm)) as y’all know I have to tearable siblings as they cause trouble (all the time). I’m was going through a little drama but I guess it’s over now. I’m always confused and people say I’m oblivious to things happening. I think I did well for my exams? My English paper was bad (my parents say that). I have three best friends in my secondary school, four-five best friends in my primary school. I can’t speak loudly in front of my class but I can shout in my seat (weird, or is it because I’ve got my best friend next to me?) 

Through this I’m probably going to share about Harry Potter, LEGO Ninjago, my life stories and of course, Puns! How furtastic!

For now I’ll write till here. Since this is my first punderful post, it’s gonna be weird, messy and probably short. 

Peace ?? 

Pun of the week: 

How do horses sound like?

While y’all are trying to think of horses neighing, I’m here like: I bet their voices are hoarse. ??

Found flash century, ( I don’t know how to spell) close enough to a horse. The three characters above is by the same voice actor.
This is one of my favorite songs:  
Wolves by Selena Gomez and Marshmello

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