Updates of Past 6 Months

It’s been so long since I had actually updated. Just a simple update post and followed by backdated posts of some happenings that are considered memorable for our family. 🙂

Amilie is happy to be with her classmates in the Nursery Class. She is able to write her own name. She loves to talk about her classmates and what they play in class. She had 2 very good friends in her class. She had also celebrated her 4th birthday at the Zoo in January. Amilie had also completed her Music Wonderland lesson at Yamaha.

Izaac is having fun in his playgroup and he loves going to school though he cried on his first few days of school. He loves to sing and dance for us the songs that he learnt from the school.

Both the kids love to paint and color at home. Sometimes we had arts and crafts, where the kids paint and paste some arts at home. Sometimes we play with “Playdoh” and make different kinds of animals. Other times the kids want to read along the stories from the story books.

The kids are going to have a baby sister in August soon. Both are aware of a baby growing inside mummy’s tummy and sometimes they would “talk” to their baby sister. Amilie told us that she want to carry the baby sister when she is born. Izaac told the teacher that mummy is expecting a baby.
No name for the baby yet! Any suggestion for baby names that begin with letter “A”? hehe

Well, think that’s about what happen these past 6 months for us. 🙂

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