Routine inspection!

Well, it had been two weeks since I last blogged and look at how time had passed by so fast and uneventfully. The euphoria that had first been felt by everyone in the household with my birth had degenerated into thin air and very quickly things settled down and everyone fall back into doing their […]

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Amilie fights back!!

Yo! It's been awhile since I write. Since the last entry complaining about my bro, I have been thinking of how to improve my blogging. Aiyah! I am not petty; it's just that people do need to continuously thinking of way to improve so that one can be a better person, right? After much thinking, […]

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You blog, I blog!

The other day when I overheard Mummy telling Daddy that my sis has just started her own personal blog, I was initially amused and curious but also a bit upset. You know, this blogging thing was supposed to be my brainchild and showpiece, and now due to my overwhelming popularity which my sis can't stomached, […]

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Little Amilie's Self Intro

Hello Uncles, aunties, brothers & sisters! My name is Amilie. I am 1 year old. Princess in my family. I would also like to share my baby-hood with you... Jus like my brother, Izaac. Alright! From this moment, follow my footsteps as I share with you my story. Firstly, let me start off by introducing […]

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NS came early for me!

Until recently, I used to think that boys only shave their head bald when they go to serve their NS when they reached 18. How wrong was I!As you all can see from my previous pics, my hair was a chic spiky crew-cut ever since the day I was borne. Mummy always tells me that […]

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Keep your kisses away!

I don't know what to do, almost daily without fail, my parents will encourage my sis to come and give me kisses. Yucks!!! I don't mind if they are just tiny pecks on my ruddy red cheeks, but wet kisses! Oh no!!! And to add insult to injury, my sis always come round after her […]

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Hello! Aunties & Uncles!!!

Hi, everybody! My name is Izaac and I'm glad to share with you the wonderful times that I had ever since I come into this gigantic world! In the coming days, I will be telling you all about my new life with my wonderful wonderful family which consist of my absolutely fabulous Mum and eccentric […]

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