Routine inspection!

Well, it had been two weeks since I last blogged and look at how time had passed by so fast and uneventfully.

The euphoria that had first been felt by everyone in the household with my birth had degenerated into thin air and very quickly things settled down and everyone fall back into doing their own mundane and routine stuff.

How I wished I can turn back the clock and see everyone fussing over me again, it's so fun watching Mummy fumbling with my daily feedings and baths, Daddy getting sleepless and restless over my feeding time and crying bouts and best of all my Sis getting green with jealously over the affection shown to me by my Granny. Ha! Come to think of that, I really enjoyed all these while.

Yet with me becoming older by the day, I finally realised that I do need to grow up faster, and when I say fast, I mean real fast like let say tomorrow I'm already able to take care of my myself.

You want to know why! Well, the truth is ...................................Mummy if you are reading this, please take note and remember hor!

I hated getting my nose inspected and plonked by some sort of stick even if what Mummy always says "It's for your own good!"

I don't care and I don't want to experience it on a day to day basic again and Mummy if you think you are right, please asks Daddy for his opinion!

And Daddy if are reading this, please stop Mummy from doing to it again especially when I'm nice and ready for slumberland hor and please try not to laugh out loud. Nothing hurt me more than getting my nose clean up follow by thunderous laughter in the background.

Do you guys know how fragile a baby's heart is especially one as cute, as suave and as cool as me! Sob...Sob.........Sob!!!


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