NS came early for me!

Until recently, I used to think that boys only shave their head bald when they go to serve their NS when they reached 18. How wrong was I!As you all can see from my previous pics, my hair was a chic spiky crew-cut ever since the day I was borne. Mummy always tells me that my hair looked great on me and I always brimmed with pride whenever someone praised my looks especially when someone screamed "He's so cuteeee..!"Alright! Alright, I know I'm exaggerating a bit but you can't blame me. Mummy keep telling me almost daily without fail that I look great with big lovely eyes and a killer Ang Monish look. She's probably right, you know, although Daddy seems to disagree and keep on saying "Where got?" What a spoil-sport!!!

Well! Now back to my hair raising experience, on this particular day after my 1st month, I was brought to a certain shop to have my own personal calligraphy brush made from of all things, my HAIR!

Oh my god! Imagine yourself being a small defenceless baby without a tingle of hair in this world! How cruel! Do you understand the amount of shame, humiliation and laughs that I will probably get from fellow babies if they happen to see me! I can't even make a pass at that lovely baby girl that I fancy without feeling a sense of nakedness around my head. Hgrrrrrrr!

The shaving process happened so fast that it ended before I could took stock of what was happening. I just kept hearing Daddy's booming laughter and the sound of flashing camera! Even Mummy was so bad! Haa!

If you think the torture was over after the shaving, you are dead wrong. Daddy kept rubbing my head non-stop even up till today, and keep commenting the feeling is shiok! What to do when you have such a Daddy!!! Haiz!

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