You blog, I blog!

The other day when I overheard Mummy telling Daddy that my sis has just started her own personal blog, I was initially amused and curious but also a bit upset.

You know, this blogging thing was supposed to be my brainchild and showpiece, and now due to my overwhelming popularity which my sis can't stomached, she has moved quickly to start her own blog to steal my limelight.

What a cheapskate!!!

Imagine my shock when I saw the blog! 'Oh my god', it was in mandarin! I just couldn't believe it, 'in Mandarin', she might as well write it in Tamil! HA! HA! HA! Why would anyone want to write their blog in mandarin, not unless you happen to be born in China or Taiwan!

It's so ridiculous; maybe I should really start a new blog in Tamil to compliment her mandarin blog! HA! And please don't give me any crap about us being Chinese and what is so funny about the blog being in mandarin.

Time will tell whose blog will be the better of the two and I've trust in the judgement of all the aunties and uncles out there, right! Wink! Wink!

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