Keep your kisses away!

I don't know what to do, almost daily without fail, my parents will encourage my sis to come and give me kisses.

Yucks!!! I don't mind if they are just tiny pecks on my ruddy red cheeks, but wet kisses! Oh no!!! And to add insult to injury, my sis always come round after her dinner without cleaning her mouth first. Can you imagine that! Can't she clean her mouth first!!! Just the thought of her kissing me again send shivers down my whole body.

Oh poor me! What can I do?

Next on, I must really complaint about is my dad, he's normally alright except when he tries to kiss me. Well, before you think I'm not into affection stuff, you're wrong. I do crave attention and affection, but my dad don't shave daily and his stubble is causing my pretty face to break out with pimples.........of all things!

You see! My life is so terrible now, luckily the savior comes in the form of my dearest mummy. I hope she can see the light and stop all these kissing.

Mmmm! Really have to think of something...........!!!

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