Amilie fights back!!

Yo! It's been awhile since I write. Since the last entry complaining about my bro, I have been thinking of how to improve my blogging. Aiyah! I am not petty; it's just that people do need to continuously thinking of way to improve so that one can be a better person, right?

After much thinking, I found a good way to kill two birds at one time. That is to write a blog with both English & Chinese. Aren't that great?! Not only people who understand Chinese can read my blog now even those English educated can read too. However, to carry out this mission, I had to overcome one very important difficulty. That is to learn English! Such a coincidence, overheard my dad telling my mum that he has been reading newspapers since a young age and that improve on his English too. Hmm... that is a good idea! I would do likewise too!

Hehe! You must be praising me right now huh? Actually those pics are taken by my mum to enter a photo contest held by The Straits Times. But due to my mum forgetfulness (think she is getting old), we missed the closing date for the photo contest and miss the chance of me appearing in the newspaper as a day superstar. Haiz, such a pity!

Oops! Mummy's coming... me gotta log off now. See ya next time! Byeeeeeeeeee!

P.S. By the way, I really do learn English! But it's from books and Educational VCDs.

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