Christmas Tree Is Up

After 2 years moving to our house, finally we bought the Christmas tree (Fake Christmas tree though)! The kids also had their share in helping to fix the tree up, though it seems like they are just playing around rather than help. 😛 An initial simple decorations for the tree is up. Amilie got to […]

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When Athina Is Asleep. ..

When Athina is asleep, she posed just like a model waiting for her photo to be taken.

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Macau Express@ Expo

Just finished shopping@ Robinson Sales and MPH sales. The kids say they are hungry. So we decided to stop at Macau Express for some snacks before going home. While waiting for the food, here's the tired kids. And the food we ordered arrived. The warm small soft egg tarts are nice. Amilie say the egg […]

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A Normal Saturday

It's been awhile since I have posted videos of the kids. This morning, to encourage the kids to practice more music, I decided to post their practices. 🙂 Here's Amilie playing Bacarolle Izaac's Let's Go On An Expedition

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Father's day Gift from Izaac

Izaac prepared a drawing for Papa as a father's day present. At the back of the drawing, he wrote: Izaac say - Happy father day I love you because my father always play with me football and play with computer games and he always bring me go out and he always love me and thank […]

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Happy CNY

Happy CNY to all!! It's 1.30am in the morning.  We are dressed for the prayers. Little girl couldn't get her awake though..

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Do animals get married?

Last evening while the show was showing the main characters getting married, she asked me a question. Amilie : Do animals get married? Me : No. Animals don't get married. Amilie : Then how come animals can give birth? Me : .......  

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Izaac's Mini Class Concert for Junior Music Course

As Amilie is still having fever, she have to miss the mini concert. Therefore, this time round, only Izaac's got to show off. 🙂 Athina got the first time to attend the brother's concert. [singlepic id=2208 w=320 h=240 float=center] The first item is memory singing. The kids gathered around the piano and singing. That's normally […]

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Pretty Athina

Well, girls will be girls. I remember when Athina is still a baby, she dislikes people to touch her hair. Now, she doesn't mind at all. She will want her hair to be tied and she doesn't mind having her head bonded by hair band. When she knows that her picture is being taken. She […]

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