Izaac's Mini Class Concert for Junior Music Course

As Amilie is still having fever, she have to miss the mini concert. Therefore, this time round, only Izaac's got to show off. 🙂

Athina got the first time to attend the brother's concert.
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The first item is memory singing. The kids gathered around the piano and singing. That's normally how they attend the lessons as well.
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Next is the music ensemble. The kids got their musical instruments and stand in front of the class while Mrs Chan got ready the music.
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Here's the first piece. Honeybee March where Izaac playing the castanets.

Next is the Animals Mambo. And Athina got to participate in the musical ensemble as well.
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Here's the video of the class playing Animals Mambo

After which, the kids sing a song together. Here's for you to enjoy the kids singing. "Let's Go" Not sure Izaac know how to sing this song but anyway, he's enjoying himself.

Then it's the kids time to perform the 2 repertoires. Izaac is probably a bit nervous. But still he deserves a round of applaud.
First song is Honeybee March

Second song is French Fry Bandit

For the 2 repertoire, he got his encouragement... Goodies Bag!!!
[singlepic id=2212 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Finally, the last item... Rhythm Steps: Drumming Cats. See how well the kids performed.

Here's the group photo of the whole class:
[singlepic id=2213 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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