Kids & Ladies All Down

Recently everyone in the house fell sick. Izaac was the first to fall sick with throat infection and guess it spread among the members in the family. Even our maid fell sick too. Had just since doctor just yesterday and my throat is still hurting. Ouch!

Now, Izaac and Amilie are recovering with a bit of runny nose. Hopefully they could recover soon otherwise we would have to stay indoors during this weekend again. (Had stayed indoor last weekend when the kids just fell sick.) And I do hope that we could recover in time for the Christmas, otherwise we would be staying at home too. Sob!Sob!

Currently, the only "survivors" are the men in the house. That's my hubby and his brother. "Cross Your Fingers! Guys!" 😉

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9 comments on “Kids & Ladies All Down”

  1. Many families are sick too.... the crazy weather doesn't help much. Do take care and get well in time for Christmas!

  2. Wishing u all a speedy recovery.

    With this spate of illnesses, I think right now all I want for Christmas is for the family to be in good health to enjoy this festive period...

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