Another scratch from Amilie

Guess it's not the first time that Izaac got scratch mark on his face. Few months back, Amilie also did that and got Izaac a red mark (luckily it disappear after a few days). Few days back, same thing happen again. Not exactly sure what happen, only know that Izaac got scars on his face again.

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When I got home from work that evening, I saw scratch marks on his face. 1, below the eyes, which is more visible, another 2, which is not so visible from the picture, below his lips and on his nose.

Ask Amilie why she did that and she told me this, Don't want to let didi in. From what she say, I guess here's what had happen:

Amilie wanted to enter the room/sit at some place but doesn't want Izaac to follow. Izaac, being some sort of follower, don't want to be left behind continued to follow her. Amilie, unable to get her point through him, wanted to push/hit him and Izaac's face was at her arms level and think that's how he got the scratch marks.

This analysis left me thinking. Was it because we punished Izaac in front of Amilie and Amilie thinks that she could 'punished' Izaac too?

Amilie is always like the housekeeper in the family, everything she would ask and erm sometimes get herself involve, be it nagging, taking care of others etc. Till now, it wasn't a bad thing because she knows how to take care of others.

Izaac is a much playful boy and very stubborn. He climb the table, got scolded and caned, and still do the same thing. Whenever Izaac climbed the table or doing some dangerous act, Amilie would be the first to run to PapaTang and say "Didi naughty" And PapaTang would be bringing the cane out, pretending to want to beat him. Whenever, Izaac did something dangerous, I would hit his palms.

Had Amilie followed us to 'punish' Izaac when she thinks he did something wrong? Had actually told Amilie that she can't hit Izaac and hope that she understand. Think we should be careful of our actions as they are likely to follow our actions.

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