Hit! 2 days in a row!

Sob! Sob! I want to complain! It's so hard to understand gals! My sis hit me right in my beautiful face 2 days in a row! 🙁

Last night, when I was in my parents' room with grandma & sis, I was suddenly attacked of my pretty face. It was very painful and it left 2 long scratched marks on my face. (Luckily it's fading away today 🙂 ) Though it look cool on my face, however sis, I prefer to have a 'clean' face. 🙂

Few hours ago, I was attacked in my right eye! See! But she did got reprimanded for hitting as mummy said we are supposed to love each other.

And before I knew what happened, she pulled out my pacifier and kissed me on my lips! See! They are so temperamental. One moment they are like tigress and the next month a kitten. Arggh!
[singlepic id=721 w=320 h=240 float=center]
One moment she is on the floor having a race with me, the next moment she hit me in the face! Haiz.... Gals! Most complicated animals on earth! 😛

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4 comments on “Hit! 2 days in a row!”

  1. True, true, women are the most complicated animals on earth. Hope the marks are gone from the beautiful face now.

  2. Wah..girl and boy also will fight..i thought only boy and boy will fight...hehe..but jiejie is sweet to kiss him later on... 😉

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