Donut Factory

Having tried the donuts from Munchy Donuts, and I was talking about not having a chance to try the donuts from Donut Factory, we managed to try it that day.

As we happened to pass by Raffles City Shopping Centre, we decided to try our luck (hoping that the queue won't be that long). At first when we reached there, we thought the queue wasn't long, when we turned back, we saw another queue, they had separated the queue so as to allowed the others to shop.

While queuing up, I took a picture of the crowd and also the sign asking us to limit to 2 dozens per order. Hubby ordered 2 dozens then.

The moment I reached home, I quickly captured all the donuts before eaten up. (In case I missed out)
I tried the White Strawberry Heart and Orange White Chocolate.

The White Strawberry Heart is creamy and sweet. The strawberry taste is very nice. And the donut is very soft.

The Orange White Chocolate is nice too. I could taste the creamy white chocolate. It's sweet! Yummy!

The rest of the donuts were eaten by the others so I had no idea how nice they tasted. 😉
Enjoy the pictures!

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