Munchy Donuts

Brought my lenses to my usual optician at Clementi for servicing and saw that there's 2 stores selling donuts. I wasn't a donut person but it seems like since the opening of Donut Factory, everybody 'wanted' to try donuts. Not sure what's so special about the sudden cravings of everyone. I decided to buy some donuts back home from Munchy Donut, no special reason, just that I passed by the store. hehe

Bought a box of 6 assorted donuts @ $6.50.

Here's what I bought:

Well, I tried 3 different flavours of donuts; Oreo ,Cheese and Raspberry. Hmm... the donuts are quite yummy, Oreo is sweet and the Cheese is normal. Raspberry is sweet and taste just like raspberry jam. Well, hubby said that the donuts store near our place are nicer. Hmm, find 1 day to go down and buy some donuts to try... 😉

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One comment on “Munchy Donuts”

  1. Hi Guys guess what my family are all DONUT crazy, we have tried Drunky Donut, Krispy Creme, J Co, Donut Factory, Munchy Donut, Big Apple Donut, Mr. Donut, Donuts Donuts, Yummy Donut, and many other more. till date we still rate Munchy Donut no.1, J co no.2 and Donut Factory no.3

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