The First Few Signs Of Pregnancy

The first few signs when I suspected that I was pregnant were when I started vomiting and noticed that I missed my period. Another symptom was that I got tired easily. To clear the suspicion, I decided to buy the pregnancy test kit to check whether I am pregnant.

For my previous 2 pregnancies, my pregnancies were tested and confirmed by the doctor as I felt unwell. However, for this time, I decided to buy the pregnancy test kit at Guardian. Though the test results weren’t that obvious, there were high chances that I was pregnant.

Decided to go to a GP to confirm my pregnancy result and our suspicious were correct. I am pregnant. However, the GP wasn’t able to tell how long I was already pregnant and advised me to go to see my gynea.

To confirm the due date, we decided to go to the Gynea for the prenatal checkup on 9th January. The gynea told me that I was about 7 weeks pregnant and estimated delivery date will be on 22nd August.

Below is the prenatal scan:
[singlepic id=992 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Baby is still very small. But can see the heartbeat beating strongly.
The next prenatal appointment was 4 weeks later.

After confirmation of my pregnancy, the vomiting became more frequent. Appetite was really poor, everything I ate, seems to come out before it could be digested by the body. I had lost weight instead of gaining weight. I got tired easily. At that time, I do hoped that I could get through the first trimester as soon as possible.

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