7th Prenatal Visit on 20th June 2009

It’s been 3 weeks since the last visit to the Gynea. This time, we brought Izaac along to the Gynae. The nurse asked about the hospital for delivery as they had to book the room for me. As it was the 3rd birth and I am still very satisfied with my previous stay at Thomson Medical Centre, I told the nurse that I wanted to deliver at TMC and stay in a four-bedded room. Its Izaac’s first time seeing the baby in mummy’s tummy from the screen. After the visit, the only thing on his mind is the dinosaur on the Gynea’s table, not much word mention on his view of the baby.

My weight is around 49kg. I had gained 2kg since 3 weeks ago. That’s good news for me. Everybody’s saying the tummy is getting bigger. Some saying that maybe the gender of the baby is a boy instead of a girl as the tummy is sharp instead of round; old wives’ tale of predicting whether the gender of the baby by looking at the shape of the tummy. Another colleagues of mine said that my nose is bigger now, meaning that I would be giving birth soon.

31st week pregnant, I am having frequent trips to toilet, sometimes in the middle of the night. I ever dreamt that I had given birth, probably due to talks about giving birth during the day. (Started to feel nervous whenever I think about giving birth) I am feeling uncomfortable sleeping and had to turn from side to side a few times before I find myself a considerable good position and falling to sleep.

I could feel the baby move more often and vigorous, even the kids could see the movement of my tummy. Ever since the kids saw the tummy moved, especially Izaac, the kids would remember to kiss the baby good night and talked to baby more often. Izaac started to talk and sing to baby more often, always putting his hand on my tummy asking whether baby’s moving. The baby seems to be enjoying swimming around in the tummy.

The baby’s weight is around 1.5kg. Dr Chan said that the baby might be a small baby, even smaller than Izaac. So we would be expecting 2+kg baby since Izaac was around 3kg when he was born. Both mummy and daddy was hoping for a 3kg baby but oh well, we shall see then.

At week 31, baby’s developing layers of fats that are probably part of the 400g of weight she gained within the 3 weeks. This fat layer is said to help insulate the baby and regulate her body when she is born. The lungs are now still developing and the brain’s undergoing rapid growth. The baby should be able to hear us now as the ears are completely developed from the inside as well as the outside of the ear. Dr Chan got a view of the ear with her fist covering her earlobe. Can you see the ear?

[singlepic id=1566 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The baby has also developed finger nails and I hope she doesn’t scratch herself in the womb. I should drink more milk as more calcium is required for the baby’s bones to grow stronger and grow well. The baby is receiving all the nutrients through the placenta and the placenta blood is supposed to enable the baby to urine. The baby also swallows some of the amniotic fluid and Dr Chan mentioned that the fluid level is alright. It indicates that the baby is swallowing properly and the baby is urinating enough.

The next visit will be 2 weeks later.

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