She's Naggy!

I'm a big aquarium fan and most of you probably never knew that as I never post about it before. I'm more into planted tanks and freshwater fishes. Before I got my 4 feet tank, I have a hard time convincing my wife to let me have one. I think the guys here can sympathize with me on that.

My wife's only concern is that I would not have the time to take care of the fish tank and thus neglecting the basic maintenance required. It's tough trying to juggle a family, a fledging business and a career and she wonder whether I have the time and energy to maintain the tank. According to her, unkempt fish tank is bad feng shui for the house.

Well, I can agree with her on that. And I make a pact with her to remind me to maintain the tank regularly. Through to her words, whenever I slack off in my maintenance, she will be there to nag me.

Ha! Now thatâ's my wife for you! Any guys here have similar predicament?

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3 comments on “She's Naggy!”

  1. It's a woman thing.. they all nag.. constantly.. until we die.. and even then.. they'll still nag at our corpse about the things we didn't manage to finish first..


  2. Mama Bok, I think guys will understand this better. 🙂

    Kalamaf, haha! Agree with you! It's a woman thing! :)No offense here, just something that I noticed from my grandma down to my daughter!

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