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Thanks Idy for the tag. Though I had wrote about the meanings of their names before I don't mind writing it again. Hehe!

For my kids' name, we decided on the name when they were still my tummy. So for their Chinese name, we didn't based on their 8 characters but my mum did helped me calculate the strokes to seine that it is matches with the surname. For English name, as my hubby 1st letter is 'A' and mine is 'I', we decided to name our kids with the same letter. At 1st, we wanted to have 'A' for boy and 'I' for girl but I think it would be more interesting if we were to switch. 🙂

(Yee Teng) - This girl is Graceful
Amilie - From the name Emilie meaning Industrious, Ambitious
Hoping this girl to be graceful and industrious.

Hok Yeung - Learn to be like the Sun
Izaac - From the name Izaak meaning Laughing
Hoping this boy is happy and laughing all the time and also learn to be like the sun; bright and strong.

So here is the meaning of their names. And I'm not tagging anyone cos' I think most of the mummies had done this tag. 😉

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