My analysis report....

having the status of a mummy and wife but yet still living in a heart of a little child. never ever say the "sinful word" old in front of her else she will "nag and nag" at u. a rare girl who dislike shopping and will only shop when she has something in mind to buy.

can be sociable once she get to know the other party well else her anti social character will be reveal out. able to share with u about anything like her romances and life, as long as u ask about it or provide her with a topic to talk about. responsible one who will ensure that she gets everything properly done and in good control but there's this lazy bugs in her.

will feel like staying in when she don't have the mood to go anywhere. able to provide with good ideas and suggestions if u were to complain or confide in her. have the determination to improve herself such as try to create new programs to make her job easier and much better.

always willing to learn new things without any complains. feel that there's this adventurous character in her from the way she is willing to take up new experiences. a girl who have her own point of view and attitude that makes people likes her as a friend!

This was what I was analyzed 1 or 2 years back by 1 of my colleagues. Haha! Looking back at it. I wonder if I had changed or not..... Those were the days....

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