Later in the morning...

Later in the morning at around 8.15 am, we would be going to have a tour at Changi Airport's Terminal 3, which would be opened in January 2008. Had wanted to go when I heard about it but because of the traveling distance, I had always put it off. Coincidentally, our company had organised a tour to Terminal 3 and Museum too. We would be going to Changi Beach too.

We would gather at the office building at 8.15am. That's a bit early and I hope that Amilie is able to wake up early. I had no worries for Izaac because he has a very "routine" sleeping time. He slept at 9pm every night and woke up around 7am every morning. Amilie doesn't have that regular sleeping time as Izaac. Anyway, the whole trip would end at around 2pm and it's good that they could took afternoon nap after the tour.

So, till then, stay tune for our tour later in the morning. 😉

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