Header Updated Finally~!

Haha! Finally I am sick of the header and changing to 1 that consists of our family pics. Hehe! Actually had wanted to change the header ever since we took the family photo last November but was lazy to scan the pic into the PC.

Was blog hopping around today, haven't done that for quite awhile as was quite busy working and didn't bother to go online for long whenever I reached home. Got a chance to take a break before the next 'load' of work came piling up for me. Seems like a lot of bloggers had changed their header. (Or was it an excuse for me to do mine?)

So decided to scan the pic and using the kits from Free Digital Scrapbooking and Viola! that's my header.

Hmmm... was quite satisfied with my 'artwork'. (Have to praise myself a bit keke)And I wonder, when would I be doing scrapbooking for my other pictures which was spread all over the 'place' and accumulating at the same time. 😉

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5 comments on “Header Updated Finally~!”

  1. why issit i don't see the updated header/banner leh? I still see the old one with the trees and the bridge...*scratch head*

  2. Clement, i think you need to clear your browser cookies first. After you clear the cookies, you should be able to see. 🙂

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