The Milk Bottle

Recently we bought a big milk bottle that was used to contain marshmallows. After the kids finished all the marshmallows, I had actually wanted to use the milk bottle as a savings bottle "bank". Seems like the big milk bottle can bring so much fun for everyone.

First, it was a milk bottle for Izaac, though I guess he would be tired having to open his mouth wide for the milk. 😀

Next, Izaac used it as a loudspeaker and make lots of noises. "Bla Bla Bla" That's what he say.

Then PapaTang joined in the fun. He put it on Izaac's head and had to admit that it look really cute on him. Just like a cap for Christmas. keke

We had a great laugh. And Amilie seeing that all of us enjoyed the laugh, wanted to be the center of attention too. She took it and wore it on her head. And she looks sweet.

Well, that's a little fun with the milk bottle. hehe

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6 comments on “The Milk Bottle”

  1. haha i actually wanted to use it to keep coin too. But think they really like to play with the bottle.

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