Something about Izaac

Izaac is 7 days to 18 Month Old. He is now able to say 1 syllabus word. Though not very clear, we are still able to understand what he is saying. He is shy with strangers.

Izaac loves ball and loves playing fetch the ball and throwing of ball.

Izaac loves praises, he would clap his hands and would call us to clap for him too. Recently, we just bought Izaac some building blocks toys to play. Each time he stack up a block, he would clap his hands and he make sure his dad clap for him too. If he didn't, he would call "Papa, Papa" till he clap his hands.

He loves to eat but unlike his sister, he do have some dislikes on certain food. Till now, I know that he doesn't like egg yolk, tomato and salted fish. keke

He loves to join his sister when she was playing. And sometimes got himself some markings on his face because of that.

He likes to imitate us in combing hair, listening to phone, looking at us.

When we ask him to kiss us, he would turn 1 side and let us kiss his cheeks. That's his understanding of kissing. 😉

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4 comments on “Something about Izaac”

  1. Thanks Chanel and Angie for your kind comments. Jeriel and Jaimie are adorable too. All children are adorable. 🙂

    Jazzmint, not only boys love balls, think girls love balls too. Guess almost every parent would buy balls for the kids to play.

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