Sarong King

One morning, I heard a surprised sound from hubby. Izaac had woken up and he's sitting in the sarong!! Coincidentally, I was thinking of whether Izaac would sit in the sarong like my brother did when he was a baby. Hah! Seems like baby would do this when they know how to climb and sit. Took a snap of Izaac's dangerous stunt.

Though the picture look like his sleeping. It's actually him trying to climb up of the sarong as he saw me and wanted me to carry him Hehe.

Think I have to be extra careful when he sleeps in the sarong now. 😛
[singlepic id=1014 w=320 h=240 float=center]
[singlepic id=1015 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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4 comments on “Sarong King”

  1. jazzmint & LZmommy - yap luckily hubby saw the odd shaped sarong.

    mom2ashley - the sarong suspended from the metal steel which is more dangerous.

    Luckily Izaac now would shout out rather than sit up. Thanks for mummies concern. 🙂

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