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I was really excited when I received an email telling me that Izaac had been selected as one of the contestants for the Motherhood Exhibition’s Little Prince Charming 2nd Semi-Final. I had actually mailed out the kids' photos only few days before the closing date. Too bad Amilie didn’t get selected for the contest. Here are the pictures that I mailed out for the contests.
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However, when I read further, I realized that there is an Interview and Q&A session. I was thinking that Izaac was so shy that I think he would not be able to answer any questions. Nevertheless, I still let him participate in the contest to let him have some “experience”.

As it was the first time that I had signed the kids up for any contest, I didn’t know what to expect of the contest so I didn’t prepare Izaac on anything.

5th of June was the day of the Semi-Final, had the kids took a short afternoon nap before going for the exhibition since it was in the late afternoon.

Before the contest began, there was a balloon sculpturing session for the kids and the kids queued up for their own balloon sculptures.
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Izaac got a dog balloon sculpture while Amilie got a flower balloon sculpture. When the contest started, I saw that the kids walked up the stage alone, both hubby and I were wondering whether Izaac would cry on the stage as he was always very shy. Did a last minute rehearse with Izaac on the Q&A session and he was able to answer to my question (Not sure how he would fare on the stage though).
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When it was his turn to go up, he did not cry on the stage. Though his replies were soft, he was able to answer the questions. He was also able to do the pose which I taught him few minutes before going up the stage. Although he doesn’t fare as well as the other contestants, we think that he had done a good job up on the stage with minimal practice for the contest and his first time on the stage. Good Job Izaac! Applaud
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Here’s the video clip of Izaac up the stage. Do give Izaac a clap. 🙂

After the contest, we wandered about and took some pictures with the mascots walking around the exhibition.
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The kids also had fun hands-on the Sand Art at the ArtUKidding booth. While the kids are enjoying themselves, we went over to the Drypers booth to stock up on the disposable diapers.
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By dinnertime, the food court was crowded that we decided to change to another location for the meal. Wanted to go to Changi Village for meal but decided to go to Downtown East instead so that the kids could have some fun at Downtown East.

After the dinner, the kids got to sit on the train ride at Downtown East.
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After the ride, Izaac asked whether he could sit another time but we told them only once. Amilie said that she hasn’t sat on the pony rides, meaning, she hasn’t sit on the pony ride once. Kids sure know how to bargain. Nevertheless, the answer is still ‘No’. Keke

When the kids reached home, they got to sit on the 2 cartons of diapers that we bought at the exhibition and pushed by Papa via the trolley to the doorstep.
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And also to show off their Sand Art they did at the exhibition.
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Guess the kids did had a lot of fun that day.

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  1. hello....haven been to your blog in a while....btw, congrats, another lovely princess coming your way.....:)

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