No Limits...

Before Izaac came along, I was thinking to myself that Amilie was such a good girl that everyone praises her whenever we bring her out. She doesn't make noises nor would she persist on whatever she wants when she didn't get it. She is very mature in her own way. She knows her limits and we don't have to repeat many times for those things that she was not supposed to do. It's a blessing.Though I am proud of her, another part of me was thinking that she doesn't behave like other 'normal' kids that I heard of.

However, I regretted having thought of that, Izaac was the totally opposite of Amilie, he runs, he climbs, he does the things which we told him not to. And he is really 'good' at testing the limits. What I mean by that.

He loves to play with the buttons on the fan or the telephone and we always warned him of not playing those. He knew he is not suppose to play but not sure whether is it the nature of boys, he would touch the buttons and he would hold back his hands when the cane is shown but would continue when he thought that we aren't looking. Just this morning, he was playing with the telephone as usual and Papa came with a cane, he quickly hold back his hands. And when PapaTang wasn't looking, he went on playing with the phone and he quickly ran off after he saw PapaTang looking his way and smile at him cheekily.

Haiz, talking about boys...
Sometimes I joke with my friends that if I was to have Izaac first, I would have phobia of having a number 2. 😉

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3 comments on “No Limits...”

  1. Qianyi's just like your little boy, very good at testing the limits.So, we are not thinking of having second one..very scared..haha..

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