Jie Jie Bully Me!

Life has been quite normal for me except for one tiny little thing. My sis is picking on me very regularly recently.

First, whenever I tried to enter Papa's and Mama's room, my sis would close the door and prevent me from going in! 🙁

Next, when I tried to join my sis in playing with the toys, she would snatch the toys away from me and run off with the toys. 🙁

Oh mind! What should I do?

It's so frustrating! On one hand, I tried to be a goody brother, but seems like my sis is not reciprocating my love.

Sometimes, out of frustration, I would just wail out loud to attract attention to my plight! sob...

😈 Actually, I do it on purpose most of the time, just don't tell anyone about it hor! 🙂

But then the thing is whenever both Papa and Mama are around, my sis is acting like the perfect sis that I crave for! 🙁

Any aunties and uncles here has any good suggestions on how to solve this tiny little problem for me? Thanks!

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4 comments on “Jie Jie Bully Me!”

  1. I think this is a very common thing that happen between siblings 🙂 We usually tell her to treat her brother the way she would like her brother to treat her...

  2. You should ask Mommy send you for a self-defence course at the nearest CC and then flex your muscles at sister when she tries her stunt again. Ooops. Aunty teaching you the wrong thing. hahaha.....

    I'm sure Mommy and Daddy knows what's happening and they would be fair when it comes to discipling her. If not, ask them to seek help from Aunty. hahaha.....

  3. Hmmm...your jiejie very clever leh...good in acting huh... 😛 but i tell you hor, aunty was like her when i was young...hahaha, then one day my bro could stand it no more that he retaliate and hit me hard on the head...no no no...dont ever learn from my bro ok?

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