Izaac's Birthday Celebration & Father's Day Celebration

Izaac's 3rd Birthday At Home

14th June is Izaac’s birthday and also happened to be Father’s Day that day. Though Izaac had celebrated his birthday in school on Friday, I still wanted to help him have a small celebration at home on his actual birthday.

In the afternoon, I went to buy a small cake from Crystal Jade (No ice-cream cake this year) for Izaac. Izaac is happy of course. And Amilie was asking me why didi have 2 birthdays. And I told her that she will be having 2 birthday celebrations next year too.
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The kids took some pictures and sang birthday song together. And they also enjoyed the cake.
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Father's Day 2009

Before having the birthday celebration, I gave the kids each a Papa Cupcake which I bought in the afternoon and told them to give to Papa Tang and wished him Happy Father’s Day.
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The kids also took some pictures with their dear daddy with kisses and also gave their daddy the Father’s Day craft which they did in the afternoon with my assistance. I had them find alphabets in the magazine and cut out for them to paste on the colored paper. Amilie drew some pictures around it. Izaac also drew some pictures with me holding his hands. Below are their crafts they did for their daddy.
[singlepic id=1370 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Maybe next year, the kids will be able to do their own card for Father’s Day.

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4 comments on “Izaac's Birthday Celebration & Father's Day Celebration”

  1. hi, fathers' day is the 3rd sunday of June, not the 2nd. so u celebrated early 🙂

  2. Oopsie, think we forgot that father's day is the 3rd Sunday of June. Nevermind then, we will have an advance celebration instead. 🙂

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