Izaac the demostrator

I had always wanted to record this clip on the video. It shocked us the first time he did that. We had actually shorten the strap with rubber band so that he doesn't have that much space to free himself but he still managed to do it.
We had to be extra careful when he is strapped to the pram.

Here's the clip to see how he is able to free himself from the strap of the pram.


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6 comments on “Izaac the demostrator”

  1. oh gosh.....luckily you were around when he did that stunt lor or else, he try to climb down sure fall down.

    next time got to tie hard hard lor, he may cry lar but no choice.

  2. 一山还有一山高。 He certainly outsmart all of you at home with this stunt 🙂

    I think it is normal for a child to be so adventurous. But just have to keep reminding him of the danger of doing so. After a while I think the novelty will wear off and he will guai guai sit in the stroller.

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