Izaac little updates

Izaac just went for his MMR injection last Saturday. Here's a little update.

Age as of 21st September 2007: 15 months & 7 days
Weight: 9.9kg
Milk: 220ml of Dugro 1

* He clap when I sing "If you are happy"
* He wave bye bye with a goodbye kiss (sometimes with a chirpy "bye") when we went off to work
* He says "wet wet" and point at his pants when he wet his pants
* He says "Nng" and pat on his buttock when he wanted to shit
* He knows Papa, Mahmah, Jiejie, recently he just know how to say "mami" (boy! I am very happy!)
* He is always so excited when he saw me at the door from work
* He is learning to jump but think he still need some practising keke
* He points to his nose when I ask "nose" or "eyes" 😛
* He is not afraid of injection. Only make some noises when the vaccine was injected. And after that, he raises up his arm as though asking for more.
* He says "oorr" when he press the remote controller (imitating me 🙂 )
* He climbs up and down (table and even the window grill facing the corridor) and got his first cane after much warning from PapaTang
* He can says "milk milk" when he wants his milk
* He took out his pacifier when I say "Wake up already cannot eat tutu"
* He slept at 9pm and wakes up early
* Recently got a scar below his eyes from his sis (hope it heals fast)
* He wants to eat whatever we eat and he is not scared of chilli! (Yap! I did tried that for him 😉 )
* He would sit patiently on the floor when I told him to wait
* He knows how to say "mei mei" (pretty) when we dress nicely. (Just heard him telling me this morning! 🙂 )
* He would lie down and make a sound to indicate that he don't want.
* His way of dancing is swaying his arms and turning his body

Gosh! Think I should do the updates more often. Otherwise guess the list might grow longer when I updated. 🙂

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3 comments on “Izaac little updates”

  1. LZmommy, it's healing fine now.

    jazzmint, I was surprised that he took the chilli even though he know that it's hot.

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