Ring! Ring! Phone call...

Last night, I was eating dinner in the living room & Sister Tang was in my room watching tv.

After awhile, I heard her calling 'Papa! Papa!' & chatting away. I thought that she was using my phone and pretending to chat with Papa Tang who was working at that time. After finishing my dinner, I went in to the room. And sure enough, she was holding my phone to her ear. And yah, chatting away (very real!). Keke.

From the way she chat on the phone, I got a feeling she was actually talking to someone on the phone. So I took the phone from her (after a bit of persuasion). Haha, guess what? She had actually redialed the last called number in my phone & chatted with my friend (mistaken him for Papa Tang). Oh my! So funny! Haha! My friend even thought that I was the 1 who make that call. Haha! Next time if anyone of you happen to answer calls from me, be prepared that you might be hearing a little cheeky toddler's voice instead of mine. 😛

Maybe I should just get her a own line. Yah?

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3 comments on “Ring! Ring! Phone call...”

  1. Hello... i am the uncle she was talking to... so funny... at first i tot is Irene who called me... Amilie was happily talking to me for about 15 mins or so.. hahaha...

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