Pain Pain

Yesterday, came back home from work, I was greeted by Amilie (as usual). And the moment I stepped into the house, she showed me her hand. There's 2 scratch mark on her hand.

A (Amilie showing the scratch mark on her hand)
M: Why? What happen?
A: Didi (Izaac) did it
M: Oor didi did 1 ah?
A (Paused there for a moment)
M (Waiting for her reply while I kept my shoes in the rack

Then Amilie hug me 🙂 . Actually when she told me of her wound, she wanted me to sayang her. So I hug her back and sayang her. That's my little sensitive girl....

After getting hug from me, she went to find her dad and showed him her hand again with a pitiful look. Aw, who wouldn't want to hug and sayang her.... 🙂

Think she is imitating me when I got injured... 😛

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