I am being pampered...

You would be surprised, but I still have to say... I am very much pampered by Amilie..

I was resting on my bed after I came back home from work (not change to my home clothes yet) and complaining to PapaTang that I was not feeling well.) Amilie overheard and asked what's wrong.

So I started to act even more pitiful and told her I not feeling well and ask her to sayang me.

As I was having conversation with PapaTang, Amilie had helped me took my home clothes and passed it to me. (without me asking her to do for me)

I thank her and continued my conversation with PapaTang and was mentioning to him that there wasn't any water left in the bottle, I vividly heard Amilie saying "No water already ah? Go and take water" (in Mandarin) and went out to take water for me.

The water didn't came though, cos' my maid wasn't there to help her and she was also distracted by the TV that she had forgotten about helping her mummy to take water. Normally she would help me take water and all I have to do to just ask her to take and me lying down resting. Hehe... think I am going to be pampered by her. My lil' helper.

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6 comments on “I am being pampered...”

  1. Clement - think it's the girls' characteristic.

    Wen - My kids all are TV addict like me.

    Angie - Thanks for the tag. So sweet.. 😉

    Angeleyes - haha sure is I am very pampered.

    Sasha - Izaac is also a tornado. So Amilie would 'nag' at him..

  2. I find girls tend to be more sensitive and thoughtful... Amelie is so sweet and you are going to be a spoilt mommy 🙂

    Agree with you LZmommy, girls are so sweet. And yap I am much much spoilt by her

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