Happy Amilie Released!

After I had finished tidying up the pictures in my laptop, I found these pictures that were taken on the day when Amilie was discharged from hospital. Amilie's drip had just taken off from her hand and she was really happy. See her smile and you would know how much she loved to move about after being in the bed for 2 days plus.

These pictures were taken while waiting for the nurse to remove the needle from her hand.

She cried when she saw the nurse coming and we had to console her telling her that it was not painful. Think she got phobia from the poking of the needle. Then now, we would tell Amilie that if she wanted to take too much cold drinks and other 'unhealthy' food, she might get poke. 😉 And it work sometimes.

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2 comments on “Happy Amilie Released!”

  1. Yes, chanelwong, she is happy that finally she could walk about, after being trapped. 😉

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