Fever Fever

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Hi everybody! Poor me! I was sick for 2 days already. Luckily this morning I feel much better. I had fever & I was forced to paste the something very cold on my forehead. Which I don't like cos' it's very cold!

Then yesterday I went to see the doctor again. And was told that I got diarrhea too. Boohoo.... no wonder I kept poo poo the night before. Then I was forced to take the medicine. I don't like and would try my means and ways to avoid it (succeeded sometimes heehee).

Last night, my temperature shot to 38.7 degrees and mummy (always had her ways to make me drink the medicine), despite all my crying and struggling, forced me drink the medicine. Yuck!

Hmm.... I don't want to be sick again! Don't want to drink the medicine! I don't like...!

So happy that I am well again! Yippee!

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2 comments on “Fever Fever”

  1. Guess she ate something wrong the day before. Cos' the doc din mention anything about stomach flu.

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